Trusted Translator for German Multinationals since 2003

Global Business has been translating high-level material for its blue-chip international clients for over 15 years. The company is led by Paul Quigley, a business translator/interpreter from the Dublin City University School of Applied Languages, with years of experience in the translation departments of two of the world's biggest IT companies. This enables our clients to outsource their translation work to us knowing that it will be first and foremost handled with care, but also individually and professionally, to the highest degree of quality.

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Triple Approval Process

As Global Business deals with high-level documentation, our process involves triple approval on every project. This means that your text is translated, then put through the eyes of two proofreaders in consultation with you and the translator.


High-level material should  be translated or localized internally. So offering a guarantee on document security to our clients has always taken first priority.


Quotes are available within 25 minutes of receipt. During translation, we keep you updated on progress by direct communication with a member of our team.


This company was founded by and by professionally experienced translators who appreciate the attention to detail that goes into making a high-level translation.