Business English

One-day Intensive

On-site training

  • For level B2 onward
  • 9am to 5pm on site
  • Customised course content based on needs analysis
  • Quick-impact solution
  • Ideal for individuals with limited time for training
  • Coaching style
  • Evaluation with direct feedback

"An innovative approach to training which is ahead of its time."

Fromm Managementseminare & - beratung


Weekly Training

On-site / online training

  • From level A2 onward
  • 90 minutes per week over 16 weeks on or off site
  • Customised weekly course content / homework
  • Comprehensive in-depth solution
  • Ideal for groups with time for regular weekly training
  • Workshop style with group activity
  • Regular evaluation / progress monitoring

"Global Business  employed its expertise and commitment

to ensure we had significant success"
  Institut für Wärme und Oeltechnik , Hamburg

Learn to learn

Our first task is to give you some crucial insider tips on how to learn foreign languages most effectively so that you reach your goals as soon as possible.


Learn dynamically

Our training combines English language and business communication skills. Our trainers are only highly-qualified professionals with experience in industry and business.


Learn faster

Over the years, we have researched the shortest possible route to achieve client goals so the impact of your training is enduring, and you spend less time learning.

Intensive Business English in Ireland

For learners who prefer total immersion, we offer a weekend / five-day individual or group course in Ireland.

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What is my level?

This is an free online test you can take now to show you which Cambridge level you have. It consists of 25 multiple choice questions. To find out more about the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standard levels for language competence, follow this link.