Need help doing business in Germany?

Doing Business in Germany without adequate cross-cultural awareness is anything but advisable, and businesses should ensure they appreciate the business landscape and the culture. Global Business offers the expert advice of experienced German business consultants  who will enable you and your team to find a place for your company's products and services in Germany, and be able to independently manage and sustain along-term presence here.


We'll use our expertise to help you prepare a business plan for a successful product launch on the German market.

This includes advice on standards, corporate and labour law,  and product localisation.


Globish is the key. It is the English communication medium that will allow you and your German business partners to "meet in the middle" and develop successful, sustainable business relationships.


Business Culture

Our goal is to enable you to develop sound business relationships with your German counterparts and be able to demonstrate the benefit and potential of your product and avoid being percieved as an outsider