Key Advice on international business


Global Business provides professional training in English to firms which are expanding internationally for the first time. In addition, we are consultants for international companies coming to Germany to:

  • negotiate direct sales
  • source channel sales partners
  • establish a base
  • source a local team

If you are an international company embarking on direct sales in Germany, we would like to hear from you.

"An innovative approach which is ahead of its time."

Fromm Managementseminare & - beratung, Hamburg


We start by listening to you to really get to know your product and where you want to go with it. We assess your needs in detail and design a tailored accordingly.



Preparation has got to involved all the essentials, maximising all resources available to you. We want you to achieve success as quickly as possible.



Your first meetings are key. The added support of a ghost negotiator is also an option to make a decisive difference to how you perform.