Quality team

Quality trainers are the core of this business. It has been a core value of the company since it started in 2004. The team are experienced university-qualified professionals from four continents and are led by Paul Quigley. Most have been training English in Hamburg for five to ten years.

"The training is professional, extremely well organised and very well-structured."
  uniquedigital GmbH

Practical Approach

Our approach is a practical learning-by-doing method designed for professionals who need to see the greatest possible result in the shortest possible time.  Listening to our clients' needs over the past twelve years has enabled us to develop a lean curriculum focusing on fast improvement.

Linguist Founder

Global Business is led by Paul Quigley, an Irishman who is a qualified interpreter/translator from Dublin City University and The University of Oviedo. Before founding Global Business in Hamburg in 2003, he was as a high-school teacher and later an international business development manager.

Socially Responsible

Respect, fairness and honesty are fundamental to how we work with our training team and with our clients.  A good working relationship is extremely important for us.   We are also a pro-sustainability services provider and have therefore eliminated the use of paper at our Hamburg training centre.